2004 Junior Regional Championships MVPs, All-Tournament and Team Sportsmanship Winners

Congratulations to Honorees! Thank you for an Outstanding Season!

Pictures of Regional Champions, Runner-Ups, and All-Tournament/MVPs are posted here.

18 OPEN:

MVP-Regionals: Megan Hodge - Triangle 18-1
Team Sportsmanship-FAVA Hurricanes


MVP-Regionals: Lesley Chadwell - Cobra Jrs 18 Club Gold
Team Sportsmanship-Pannix-Whatnots

18 CLUB:

MVP-Regionals: Heather Waite-Brushy Mtn-Gold Diggers
Team Sportsmanship-SCVC-Crazy 8’s

17 OPEN:

MVP-Regionals: Brooke Stanley-Biltmore 17
Team Sportsmanship-CCVC-Tornadoes


MVP-Regionals: Kayla Hodges - Foothills-Surry Cyclones
Team Sportsmanship- AVC-Tigers

17 CLUB:

MVP-Regionals: Devon Sheppard - Scotland Spikers
Team Sportsmanship- Pannix - Line Hitters

16 OPEN:

MVP-Regionals: Kristina Gallahan-CJV 16-Black
Team Sportsmanship-CJV 16-Black


MVP-Regionals: Megan Adelson - Cobra Jrs 16 Power
Team Sportsmanship-Cape Fear Riptides

16 CLUB:

MVP-Regionals: Kendall Sutton-Tar River Storm
Team Sportsmanship-Top Gun

15 OPEN:

MVP-Regionals: Lauren Swecker - CJV 15-Black
Team Sportsmanship-BCVC-Flamez


MVP-Regionals: Anna Brinkley - WNC 15 Green
Team Sportsmanship-YVVC-The Heat

15 CLUB:

MVP-Regionals: Grace Rooth-NC Challengers 15
Team Sportsmanship-DCVA-Explosions

14 OPEN:

MVP-Regionals: Liza Price & Christine Perzinski-CJV 14-Fusion
Team Sportsmanship - I.C. Stars 14-1


MVP-Regionals: Rebecca Yow-CCAVA 14’s
Team Sportsmanship-CJV 14-Pink Panthers

14 CLUB:

MVP-Regionals: Katelyn Smith - LNVB-Airforce!
Team Sportsmanship-RC-Newbies

13 OPEN:

MVP-Regionals: Anna Lin-Cary YMCA Spikeforce 13
Team Sportsmanship-VC Hurricanes

13 CLUB:

MVP-Regionals: Anna Logan-YVVC-Angels
Team Sportsmanship-Tri-County Dominators 12B