Olympic Day Information for CR Clubs
March 2017

 We would love to have you join us in celebrating Olympic Day this coming summer. If you have an event in the month of June, you can register it as an Olympic Day celebration for 2017! We will send the first 2,000 registered hosts an Olympic Day flag and Team USA stickers for their event. There is no cost to hosting an Olympic Day celebration. There are already over 760+ events registered for Olympic Day 2017, with an estimated 290,000 participants taking part in the United States!

Olympic Day officially falls on June 23, however, organizations are able to host a celebration at any time during the month of June. We encourage you to tie Olympic Day with an existing event that you may already have on your June calendar. Olympic Day is a way to promote the Olympic and Paralympic Movements every year.

Event ideas include:
• A "Learn to" day where the community is invited to come out and try your sport
• A local youth camp, this could include any camps currently scheduled
• Sport tournaments that your organization may be hosting
• Existing sport programming to encourage individuals to get out and move
• View our Pinterest board for Olympic Day that includes additional event ideas HERE
• Additional event ideas may be found HERE

Click the HERE to find all Olympic Day 2017 celebrations registered for this summer!

Benefits of hosting an Olympic Day celebration:
• Association with the Olympic and Paralympic Movement
• Every registered event (up to 2,000) receives an Olympic Day flag and stickers for their event
• Potential* to host an Olympian or Paralympian at your Olympic Day celebration
• Access to the Olympic Day Virtual Toolkit that includes Olympic Day videos, event and press release templates, and more!
• No cost for hosting
To register to host an Olympic Day celebration in 2017, please go to For more information on Olympic Day, please visit