Beach Officials Clinics

With the addition of Collegiate Sand programs and the popularity of Junior Beach events, the need for Professional Beach officials will only grow in the near future.  The Carolina Region will organize several Beach Officials Clinics each season to meet demand.  For more information, please contact Suzanne Lowry, Carolina Region Beach Referee Chair.

2015 Clinic Information:


    Four Day BEACH VOLLEYBALL REFEREE TRAINING CAMP will be offered July 22-26, 2015, at Virginia Beach. The program, will be run in conjunction with the USAV Junior Beach Tour National Championships, and is open to the public and specifically to all members of the USAV beach community.

    The multi-day Camp program is managed by the the USAV Beach Official’s Commission, in cooperation with the JBT Championship, and in cooperative effort with the Old Dominion Region of USA Volleyball. The 2015 host of the JBT National Championships is Volleyball Virginia. The Beach Commission would like to thank V2 and their Managing Director Chris McGarity for their support of the Camp program.

    Anyone interested in obtaining training as a beach volleyball official may apply to attend the camp. Candidates to the program may apply for either of two levels of certification: LOCAL (introductory level) or ZONAL (professional level training). Fees and structure are described below. Current membership in USA Volleyball is a requirement to attend at any level, and is available both on-line or on-site to those who are not already members.


    * Membership in USA-Volleyball (Available online, or on-site. Includes insurance for one member-year)
    * Application (form attached, below)


    Offers candidates classroom sessions, on-line tools and several days worth of practical officiating
    Expert observation and feedback by national clinicians is part of every day on the sand!
    Fee $200.
    Camp offers extensive training in:
    line judging
    Role of the 2nd Referee
    Role of the 1st Referee
    Example matches, on-court training, and LOTS of practice under observation, are offered for each official role above.
    Two levels of certification are offered, as below.
    Scheduling is flexible; campers may attend as many days of the event as they choose.
    Camp attendees may “bundle” the camp fee and their certification fee in a single event (see below)


    LOCAL certification is offered for new officials:
    Fees: $75 Clinic Only
    or $200 Camp + Local Evaluations
    Minimum attendance: Classroom session, quiz, and one day (minimum) on sand.

    ZONAL certification is offered for more experienced candidates:
    Application with referee biography is required
    Fees: $200 Clinic Only or $300 CAMP + Zonal Evaluations
    Minimum attendance: Full classroom session, exam, and two days on sand.

    For more information, or to apply, write to: