Junior Clubs

The typical Carolina Region Junior club may be comprised of only one junior team but may consist of 20 or more. Multi-team clubs are formed for many reasons, but one benefit is for the ability to temporarily borrow players from other teams within the club for tournaments. See the Junior Player Movement Policy at FAQ for more information. This section of the website provides information and forms our Junior Club/Team Reps need to operate during the season.  For the 2016/2017 Season, please wait until the forms are labeled "2016/2017" to download and use.

2016 Junior Club Director Information Webinars:

We held two pre-season Junior Club Director Informational Webinars in preparation for the 2016/2017 season (Oct 19 and 27).  A copy of the slides used for the presentation and a recording of the Oct 27 is below for those that were unable to attend.

Nonprofit Informational Webinar:

The Region hosted an informational webinar for Club Directors about the advantages and disadvantages of forming a Nonprofit organization.  We were fortunate to have Ms. Amanda Patty, JD, CPA, with Bernard Robinson & Company, Greensboro join us for the webinar.  To view the recording of the webinar, click here.  We have the slides used for the presentation available for viewing here.

Information/Forms/Documents for Junior Girls’ Volleyball Clubs:

2016/2017 Boys & Youth Membership Growth Grant Opportunity - NEW

2017/2018 Club Tryout Information - (NEW) Initial Tryout Start dates and Signing Dates

2018 Approved Junior Tournament Schedule - NEW

2016/2017 Recruiting Statement

2016/2017 Junior Tournament Structure and Information Letter

2016/2017 Site Assignment Example - Visual of how teams assigned to sites for tournaments

2016/2017 Junior Team Registration Packet and Season Information

2016/2017 Junior Team Registration Form

2016/2017 Junior Girls Club Letter of Commitment Form

2016/2017 Junior Player Bill of Rights

2016/2017 Junior Club Information Form

2016/2017 Junior Club Movement Form - Revised Jan, 2017

2016/2017 Junior Tournament Entry Form

2016/2017 Junior Club Personnel Code of Ethics Form - This is submitted electronically if apply for membership online

2016/2017 Parent Code of Conduct - New this season.  To be kept by the Club.

Sample Club Travel policy - New for 2016/2017 (clubs must come up with policy or use this as default)

2017 Junior Club Handbook - (NEW) - All the policies and information on Carolina Region’s Junior Volleyball Program

How to Establish a NEW Junior Club/Team - 2016/2017 version

Junior Club Tax Issues

IRS Form SS4 - Apply for a Taxpayer ID Number for your club

Club Contact Form for Background Screen Notifications - if different than Club Director

2016/2017 Junior Medical Release Form - To be turned in to the Club, not the Region (See FAQ about Notary)

2016/2017 Sample Chaperone Form - Example only for club’s use; do not send to Region

2016/2017 Sample Volunteer Consent Form - Example only for club’s use; do not send to Region

2016/2017 USAV Waiver for Junior Players participating on an Adult Team (as player)

Club Administrator User Manual (USA Volleyball’s WebPoint System)

USAV Girls’ National Championships Deadline Information

USAV Team Housing Partner Information - Team Travel Source, new partner for 2017

USA Volleyball Boys’ and Girls’ Junior National Championship Information Sheet

USA Volleyball and AAU Joint Statement on Sanctioning Issues

USA Volleyball Stay and Play FAQ - updated for 2017

USOC’s SafeSport
USOC’s intent with SafeSport is to provide information and resources so that all members of the sport community have the awareness, tools and support structure they need to do their part. By taking a proactive stance and working together, we can ensure that sport continues to deliver on its promise to athletes and the communities that nurture them.

Junior Club Payments Spreadsheet - Example