High Performance Frequently Asked Questions


What is the mission of High Performance?
The mission of the High Performance Program is to develop elite athletes and coaches, to prepare them to gain opportunities, and to be successful at the highest possible levels within the volleyball community. It is the beginning level of the pipeline to the USA Volleyball national teams. Additionally, it is the goal of the Carolina Region High Performance Program to improve the overall talent pool in the Carolina Region for both the athlete and the coach. We hope to provide the next level of coaching and competition for the elite coaches and athletes of the Carolina Region.


What are the age Definitions?
  • 2015 Future Select - Girls’ born in 2002, 2003, or later - Boys born in 2001, 2002, or later.
  • 2015 USA Select - Girls’ born in 2000 or 2001 - Boys born in 1999, 2000.
  • 2015 Youth Regional Team - Girls’ born in 1998 or 1999 - Boys born in 1997 or 1998.
  • 2015 Junior Regional Team - Girls’ born in 1996 or 1997 - Boys born in 1995 or 1996.


Why are the age definitions different than those we use normally use in the Region/USAV?
Junior and Youth National Team ages are specified by the International (FIVB) and Zone (NORCECA) volleyball governing bodies. The age definitions stay the same for a two-year cycle. The age definitions we use in the Region are those specified for use by USA Volleyball for competitions within USA Volleyball and the Regions.


I am a college student, but I still fit the age requirements to play on the Junior Regional Team, will I be allowed to come to the clinics and make the team?
Yes, you will, and are encouraged to attend the clinic. You must be a Region member before you will be allowed to attend the clinics. There are one-day memberships available for tryouts, and full memberships can be purchased if you are invited to the camp and/or team. If you are a member of your college’s varsity volleyball team, check with your Head Coach and/or Athletic Director to make sure you stay within NCAA and your school’s rules.


When are the High Performance Clinics?
See our continually updated High Performance schedule on the web for the most up to date information on our clinics - is available at our Clinics Section.

The Region reserves the right to combine clinics if pre-registration numbers do not reach 15 players. Please pre-register even if site is listed as TBA! We will refund your fee your transfer to another clinic if you cannot make the site when it is announced, but we need to have an idea of how many players are planning to come. Directions to all the facilities will be at our directions page.


Who can come to these clinics?
This clinic is open to all athletes that meet the age definitions (Boys and Girls) and we encourage everyone who wants to increase their knowledge and skills of the game to attend.


Can my Club or High School coaches come to this clinic to watch?
Absolutely! In fact, we are running a Coaches clinic in conjunction with the Player Clinics at each of the sites above. Coaches can come and learn from our High Performance coaches how to raise the performance level of their teams. Registered coaches will be able to sit-in with the HP coaches as they discuss the program and players and they will be able to help lead drills on the court. There will be plenty of opportunities for questions. Cost for the coaches clinic is FREE. Interested coaches should pre-register at least one-week in advance. Go here to our HP Schedule page for the link to pre-register for a particular clinic.


How do I sign up for the clinics?


Pre-registration will be done from within your membership record.   Members will need to log in to their membership record. Once logged in, you will see "USAV & Region Events" in the Menu at left. Choose "Other Region Events" in the pop-out menu. A list of events you can register for will be listed there. 


What is the refund policy if I sign up but cannot make a clinic?
For those that have pre-registered and pre-paid for a High Performance Clinic, the following policy is being implemented. If you must cancel your reservation less than one week prior to attending the clinic (but more than 24 hours), there will be a $10 processing fee that is retained from your refund. If you fail to attend without contacting the HP Director at least 24 hours prior to the clinic, no part of the clinic fee will not be refunded. *For Injuries or other extreme situations, please contact the HP Director for consideration on a case by case basis.


What time are the clinics and what will happen at the clinics?
Clinic times may vary by site and Group, so please check the HP Schedule page for specific times, but generally they will start around 12 noon or 1 pm (full day training may start at 10 am). Some times may be adjusted depending on the facility and we will post updates on those times on the schedule and pre-registration pages if applicable. Each athlete will go through physical testing, skill analysis and development, and have lots of play. At each clinic, the coaching staff will be evaluating each player’s skill level, strengths, weaknesses, and areas to improve. Additionally, the coaching staff will be evaluating the athletes at ALL clinics for invitation to the A1 and A2 Training Weekend and the 3-day Region High Performance A1 and A2 Camps. Each player attending a clinic for the first time will receive a tryout t-shirt that they wear during the clinic (and subsequent clinics).


What is the HP Weekend Training Camps and how do I get invited?
The HP Coaching staff will invite promising players from all age goups and all clinic Levels to come together for additional high-level training at the A1 (Level 3) and A2 (Level 2) training weekend. The price for this weekend training session is TBA. The HP coaches will evaluate all players at the one-day clinics for advancement into the training weekends and training camps. Participation at the Weekend Training Camp is mandatory as it is a Selection Camp. We will be making the first round of selections for the HP Teams to go to the HP Championships. We plan to have the teams selected earlier this season. Emergency situations will be handled by the HP Program Director.


How do I get invited to the Region High Performance Camp?
The High Performance Coaching staff will evaluate players at all of the one-day clinics (all Levels) as well as the Training Weekends for possible invitation to the 3-day HP Camp. The 2015 Camp site and dates is TBD. The cost of the camp is TBA and payment is due by TBA. The goal of this camp is to have the best athletes and best coaches assembled to make this the best camp in NC each summer.


What competitions are being planned for the HP teams?
At the end of our Selection camps, the HP staff will evaluate the potential athletes to determine if we can field competitive teams in the following divisions: Boys, Future Select, USA Select, Youth, and Juniors. These teams will make up our Final Travel teams. Based on available talent, we hope to take a team in each of the age divisions (Boys, USA Select, Youth, and Junior) to the USA Volleyball High Performance Championships.Costs for this trip have been set in advance to a max of $600 (may be less) so participating families can plan accordingly. Those athletes selected to make the team are expected to submit the full payment to the Region before the trip.


How do I make any of the teams that may travel to HP competitions?
From the girls identified at tryouts and the one-day clinics, Training weekend, and/or invited to the HP Camp in each of the age divisions, the HP coaches will select up to 12 girls (in each age division) to travel with us to the HP Championships. The girls who make the team will be notified soon after the camp and will receive all travel information then.


I made the HP Travel team last year, does that mean I automatically make the team this year?
No, that does not give you an automatic birth onto the Competition team this season. We have to remember that many of your peers may be playing in a different age bracket, and with the age requirements being different than our normal national and region regulations, it may open the field for many other athletes to play in your age bracket.


Do I have to come to all clinics to be invited to the camp?
No, you only need to attend one of the tryouts or clinics to be invited to the camp.


Do I have a better shot at being invited to the camp if I attend additional clinics?
No, but we all have good days and bad days. If you felt you did your best at the clinic you attended, then that is all you need to do. But if you feel as if you were having an off day, then you are more than welcome to attend a second or third clinic.


What is the Playing Time policy for the HP Competition Teams?
There is no set playing time policy (i.e. guaranteeing players a minimum amount of playing time) for the High Performance Competition teams. Since we believe that these athletes are of the highest skill level, competition for playing spots and time in practice and training is encouraged and should be competitive. There should be no problem playing each team member that reaches this level. This is a HIGH PERFORMANCE team, and we are going to High Performance Competitions with the idea of playing our best players. So with that in mind, there is no set playing time policy for the program.


Are their other High Performance Opportunities available?
YES! Each year, one of the rewards of having a High Performance Program, is that we get one spot held at USA Volleyball’s High Performance Training Camp (A2) held in Colorado Springs, CO at the Olympic Training Center. Each year we will pick one athlete to represent the Carolina Region at this camp. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to train where our Olympic teams along side other elite junior volleyball players from across the country. If selected for this spot, you will be responsible for all travel and lodging costs. The Region will pay for the Camp Entry fee.


For additional questions, contact the High Performance Program Director.