Online Payment Center

PAYMENT INFO:  Submitting a payment here would only be "paying" for a membership NOT "applying" for membership.  Go to our Registration section for information on applying for membership online BEFORE you submit payment (one reason is - you can enter credit card in the online registration system now while applying so this page/step is unnecessary!). Contact the Region office if you are having trouble applying online - do not just submit a payment without applying FIRST.  Contact the Region before paying for memberships here if you have any questions on the process!

Drop-down menus are provided below for most of the categories that we receive payments for. If a category is not provided there is a box at the bottom to enter any amount/category. Just be sure to include a note with a full description of what the payment is for. Be sure to enter Member’s Name, Birthdate (BD), and Event Date (i.e. tournament date or date of membership if applying for one-event category).

Carolina Region Junior Membership Categories
Member Name & Birthdate
Event Date (if one-event)
Carolina Region Adult Membership Categories
Member name & Birthdate
Event Date (if one-event)
CR Adult Membership Categories with Background Screen fee
Member name & Birthdate
Pay a CR Team Fee (Team Registration Form Required)
Enter Teamname & Age Group
Enter a CR Junior Tournament
Enter Teamname & Age Group
Enter Realm and Trn Date
Enter a CR Adult Tournament
Enter Teamname & Trn DATE
Pay for a CR HP Clinic
Enter Name & Clinic date/site
Use this button to make an unlisted (above) payment or to submit a total not available above. Be sure to enter in the description field exactly what/who you are paying for and what the payment represents.