PayPal Confirmation Page

This page confirms that we have received a payment you have submitted to us through PayPal!

Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you by PayPal. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction.  NOTE:  PayPal is a separate website and is not owned or operated by the Carolina Region.  We still have to process your Payment manually per below.

Please take note of the following concerning your PayPal payment before leaving this page:

  • If you submitted a payment for a MEMBERSHIP through PayPal:
    • PayPal and the USAV Registration system are NOT connected. We must process these type payments MANUALLY in the registration system.
    • If you submitted your payment on Friday (after 3 pm), Saturday or Sunday - We will process your payment/application on Monday or Tuesday latest (Region Office is closed on the weekends).
    • If you submitted your payment Monday-Thursday, we will process your payment/application within one-two business day generally.
    • PLEASE NOTE - submitting a membership payment through PayPal is NOT applying for membership.  We can only process a payment if you have an UNPAID application in the USAV Registration system.  If you sent a payment BEFORE applying for membership, please go to our Online Registration Information Page for instructions and to apply.  On the last screen of the process, submit an UNPAID application (Choose radio button to submit payment offline per Region Policy).  We will process the payment once you apply per above.
  • If you submitted a payment for a TOURNAMENT ENTRY through PayPal:
    • Pre-Season - We will need to process Team Registrations into the Points System before we can enter the tournament entries into the system. We will still put in all entries in the order received.
    • During the season - We will put entries into the system in the order received. We will process tournament entries within one business day Monday-Thursday. Entries received Friday (after 3 pm)-Sunday will be processed on Monday (Tuesday latest).
  • For all other payments submitted through PayPal:
    • We will process within one business day if submitted Monday-Friday 3 pm. Payments received late Friday-Sunday will be processed by Tuesday.

Please contact the Region Office if you have questions about payments that have been submitted and you have a confirmation email from PayPal.